Lathe tools with welded plates, HSS cutters bits, cutters, boring bars with replaceable cutting alloy plates, guillotine cutters, HSS profile cutters;
Disk cutters, cutting and slotting HSS and welded cutting alloy plates, concave and convex cutters, form cutters, T-slot cutters, high-production and high-speed steel cutter, high-production and high-speed steel tool with elongated working part
Countersink cutters with welded cutting alloy plates, reamers, HSS countersinks;
Hob cutters, gear cutters, chain gear hob cutters, HSS countersinks, Disk wheel cutters, special purpose taps, double-step drills, HSS countersinks, three-side cutters, set of threadcutting rollers;
Reducing sleeves, morse chuck holders, system of tool-holders ISO 40, ISO 45, ISO 50, set of collets and a collets-holder , tightening collets, feeding collets, reducing sleeves, thread-cutting chucks, adaptors, die chaser holders;
Hand-power screw press, plastics items.
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