MONI EOOD (one-man private company with limited liability) was established in Gabrovo in 1991. The company is managed by sole trader and manager Iliya Todorov Monev.

MONI EOOD manufactures:
metalworking tools
squirt shapes
customized dies and tools

In its work the company uses its own or customers' documents and designs. MONI EOOD has established a trade network encompassing the town of Gabrovo, Sevlievo and Veliko Turnovo. The network enables fast and efficient marketing of both the company's output and a gamut of tools produced by leading companies in the branch like Sandvik, Tizit, Henkel, Mumomoto, Tesa, Den Braven, Sparki-Eltos and etc.
MONI EOOD enjoys modernized production facilities and a highly qualified staff engaged in the production process.
The staff members have gained enough practical experience over the years, and are fully aware of the customers' requirements as to the parameters of the company products. The staff's good technical training and thorough knowledge of the possibilities of both material and technology, the advantages of the dynamic changes on the market, and the specific needs in the varied fields of application can only benefit potential customers.
It is customers who demand further and further reliability on the production quality; therefore MONI EOOD has organized a control system submitted to the concept of optimizing the production and the whole range of activities so as to ensure a non-stop high quality of manufacture.
The company's aim is to grow into a continuing partner for manufacturers and businessmen who demand high reliability and reliance on the results.
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